Learn to create sites, online market places and web apps using Ibexa DXP based on the Symfony full-stack PHP framework.

Ibexa DXP Developer Training

Ibexa’s training curriculum is tailored to help you master Ibexa DXP. We offer a variety of different classes for developers, marketers/ editors and SysAdmins.

Our developer training combines both theory and practice to give you the necessary skills for becoming an Ibexa DXP developer. However if the examinee has sufficient knowledge of Ibexa software, training is not manadatory to take the certification exam. 

To keep the Ibexa Certified Developer status, attending LTS update training is mandatory. Also, Ibexa holds the right to require certified developers to take new training and certification if Ibexa makes a major change in its technology.

Training courses are offered on-site, remote and as public training courses.

Developer Training Courses

Our developer courses combines both theory and practice to give you the necessary skills for becoming an Ibexa DXP developer.

Build a small website by understanding and implementing the fundamentals of Ibexa DXP, become a certified Ibexa Developer.
3 days/ 4 half days remote
PHP, Composer, Git & basic understanding of Symfony
Level 1 Register now
Learn how to implement and extend Ibexa Commerce and take advantage of its e-commerce features, become a certified Ibexa Commerce Developer.
1.5 days/ 2 half days remote
Ibexa Developer Certification, Commerce knowhow
Level 1-2 Register now
Learn how to extend Ibexa DXP and to meet advanced project requirements, become a certified Ibexa Advanced Developer.
3 days / 5 half days remote
Ibexa Developer Certification, notable Ibexa DXP experience, and basic Symfony Forms/Events/HttpCache knowhow
Level 2-3 Register now

Training Calendar

Ibexa organizes regular public training courses remote, and in its regional offices. The listing of the upcoming Ibexa DXP training classes is regularly updated and new ones may be added.

For groups, Ibexa can setup additional public training sessions that fit your schedule and location (on-site or remote). We host up-to 5 seats remote, and 7 on-site.

Date City Price**
GB TBA N/A (remote) 1 600 £
FR TBA N/A (remote) 1 800 €
DE TBA N/A (remote) 1 800 €

* For remote/online training, duration is spread over afternoons in order to improve learning and facilitate individual exercises and preparations in between sessions. 

** per trainee, VAT Excluded, contact-us for price of On-Site Training.

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