Ibexa DXP v4.2 Preview: Ibexa CDP

As a company that helps its customers in their digital transformation, we understand the importance of delivering a more significant value from the access and availability of cleaner and consistent customer data. With that understanding, we decided to expand our product offering by announcing a license agreement with our sister company Raptor Services to launch a new Customer Data Platform (CDP). 

CDP platforms present an alluring option for companies frustrated with limitations in handling customer data management and analytics. And what sets them apart from other tools is their ability to syndicate real-time profiles, intent, and offers across fragmented data sources. On that note, we are excited to announce the launch of our new B2B Customer Data Platform along with our 4.2 product release. We will reveal how Ibexa CDP gives customers further segmentation and personalization capabilities and a much more insightful customer overview. Here's a sneak peek into what we will discuss the new Ibexa CDP product:

A New Driving Force 

Launching Ibexa CDP aligns with our vision to have the best technology to help customers with their digital transformation. Acting as a driving force behind personalized customer experiences that are directly connected with our established Digital Experience Platform, Ibexa DXP, it ensures a bigger view of customers and allowing B2B businesses to take their customer experience to a much higher level. By increasing segment personalization as well as the level of content engagement and business orchestration.

A Centralized View of Customers

The primary purpose of Ibexa CDP is to consolidate customer data from various data sources. It is a platform that stores, connects, unifies, and activates customer data, streamed from different customer touchpoints — CRM, website, marketing automation platforms, POS systems, social media, and our very own Ibexa DXP — providing a single and unique view of each customer. Enabling business and marketing professionals to create new and dynamic audiences based on consolidated customer data. Allowing them to know, understand and establish a clear overview of every single customer on an individual level. 

A New Foundation for Segmentation

A major prerequisite for B2B companies is to meet the high demands of customers' ever-changing behavior. Ibexa CDP eliminates data silos, improves customer analytics and advanced segmentation, and empowers 1:1 personalization across different channels. With accurate and interconnected data enhanced by machine learning and AI, it also consolidates profiles at a personal level connecting specific attributes to specific corporate identities and creating and updating dynamic audiences. Ibexa CDP enables users to meet customer expectations, increase accounts' business value, and resolve more significant problems with more strategic and targeted experiences. For example, with Ibexa CDP sales reps can combine online data from digital channels with offline customer data from the company point-of-sale system (POS). Its unique and unified customer view enables the sales reps to segment and exclude customers who recently purchased an item in the physical store from their next product campaign or promotion of that exact item, leading to more effective and efficient transactions.

A Support System for the Entire Company

Customers expect personalization as part of their brand experience, and B2B organizations are no exception. They are under unprecedented pressure to look for new strategies to collect, manage, and use customer data to support business decisions. Ibexa CDP is a tremendous support system for making better business decisions. It can operate  and provide valuable insights according to several organizational levels (business, tech, strategic and operational),  delivering a data-driven framework for B2B companies to accelerate their digital transformation. It is an excellent tool for different stakeholders to work together around a unified data source with a standard set of goals and a cohesive strategy.

The new Ibexa CDP will be launched along with Ibexa DXP v4.2. For more exciting news about Ibexa CDP requirements, capabilities, and strategic impact on B2B companies, join our webinar on September 14. We would love to show you its new capabilities and take your questions.

Originally broadcast September 14, 2022: Discover Ibexa DXP 4.2

New customer data management capabilites

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